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One of the joys in my life is camera in hand and pushing that shutter button with an image in mind.  The calmness as the waves gently roll in, a bird flying above or the clouds as a storm approaches is what I want to be able to capture.  Colour attracts me to beautiful flowers and butterflies, contrasts between earth and vegetation, rocks and sky.  My fascination with repetition has lead me upwards as I shoot skyscrapers and their windows, boats on a dock, bottles in a window and shells on a beach. Getting down on my hands and knees to capture that tiny piece of brightly coloured moss, or a tiny little mushroom has produced some amazing results. Just being aware of what is around me and not being scared to be creative moves me forward and adds to the challenge of my photography as I move furtherinto all it has to offer.

My husband and I travel often and are hauling with us extra lenses, batteries, memory cards, filters, flashes (all just in case...).  I was impressed with myself on our last trip as I actually only took four cameras, one of them being my infrared which I have so much fun with. Blurring the water with the neutral density filter means a timer and more stuff, but the pictures are so worth it and of course the tripods to help with the movement the wind seems to like to challenge us with.  I am constantly changing camera bags trying to fit everything in and of course a good excuse to buy another one.

Our holidays are photography driven and two weeks away can lead to 7,000 images or more to edit when I get back.  Are they all good, of course not, but I learn when I mess things up.  Once the editing is done there are always those images that will stay with me forever and many of those have also captured many of the hearts of my followers on Google+ and have had over 73,000,000 views of my photos.  I have a section in my Gallery for some of My Favourites and if you have a chance, please feel free to take a peak.   

Certainly a ton of fun and I hope you can enjoy my galleries as much as I enjoyed putting them together.  Thank you for being here.


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